Showtec Boxcorner for Nanotruss


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Struttura a cubo per allestimento strutture con finitura Cromata

Completo di accessori montaggio

50 cm

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76,86 € IVA incl.


americana cromata

  • This boxcorner is an versatile solution to make modular constructions.

    It can easily make all kinds of 90° corners. Make 2-way or up to 6-way configurations with the optional connector kits. Please note that this boxcorner has no connector kits included, order your desired number of connector kits separately (NQ12EXBCKIT).

    The Nanotruss EX is a compact decorative truss system with a chrome finishing. Applications for this truss system can be Shops, Exhibitions, Museums, Conference rooms, Hotels etc. With this system you can create a modern stylish look in interiors that is also very useful to mount spots. Note: this system is not compatible with the previous Nanotruss series from 2010.


    Dimensions: 117 x 117 x 117 mm (HxWxD)

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