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Motore per palle a specchio fino a 5 kg di peso

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  • Motore per palle a specchio fino a 5 kg di peso

    Ruota a 1,7 giri al minuto
    Seguire le specifiche tecniche di sicurezza per i carichi sospesi

    • Suitable for driving mirror balls up to a maximum weight of 5 kg. This weight corresponds with aS diameter of thomann 30 cm for the mirror balls.
    • The maximum load always means the mirror ball weight including the mirror ball chain, the safety chain and the fixation material (e.g. screw-on chain link); rotation: 1,7 per minute. 
    • For professional use, e.g. in discotheques and in public places, the EN DIN 15560 norms have to be considered. 
    • The motor always has to be installed with a secondary safety attachment.
    • Safety features Rugged construction with steel housing for long operation 
    • High stability due to massive motor axle Mechanic fall safety against axle loosening inside the motor.
    • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz 
    • Power consumption: 4 W 
    • Maximum charge: 5 kg, 
    • Max. diameter of mirror ball: 40 cm,
    • Rotation-speed: approx. 1,7 RPM
    • Diameter of base plate: 136 mm, 
    • Height: 80 mm, 
    • Weight: 1 kg 
    • Approved load with 10-fold testing weight 
    • Additional attechment eyelet for secondary attachment of the load safety rotary motors comply with the safety norm EN 292 and safety regulation BGV C1 (Germany) 
    • Quality management for testing every production charge

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